Mayor Stimpson’s Top 7 Favorite Spots in Mobile

Mobile offers many incredible spots for people of all ages to enjoy year round. From parks to museums, you can always count on finding something to do. Being born and raised in Mobile, I have difficulty narrowing down my favorite spots to only a handful but here are my top seven.



7. Gulf Quest Maritime Museum

Being a port city, educating our community about our port is crucial. Every person should know what is going on along our waterfront. Gulf Quest does just this. With multiple exhibits helping educate on how ports work and what goes on inside them helps teach our community how the Port of Mobile operates.


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6. Mobile Carnival Museum

With Mobile being the birthplace of Mardi Gras, I have always found it fascinating to go back and look at where it all began. The photos and artifacts from the early days have always amazed me to see how far we have come as a city and how our Mardi Gras celebration has grown.


5. Cathedral Square

Nothing beats a Saturday morning visit to the farmers market or a Wednesday night concert in Cathedral Square. With these events plus small fountains for children to cool off during the summer, I always enjoy a trip here.


4. Battleship Memorial Park

I have always loved my trips to the USS Alabama as it serves as a reminder of my appreciation for those who have served to protect our freedom. Along with the battleship and memorials, the park also boasts an impressive collection of aircraft. While you’re there, be sure to catch a tour by Gulf Coast Ducks for a unique look at our city.


3. Gulf Coast Exploreum

Education among our youth is crucial and that is why I have always admired the Exploreum as it brings a fun, hands-on approach to learning. They make science fun for young kids and help them become more engaged.


2. Cooper Riverside Park

Our waterfront is truly spectacular. I love relaxing at Cooper Riverside Park and watching the ships go by our constantly busy port. Being that it is right in the heart of downtown, it is never too far from the office to take a relaxing walk at the end of the day.


  1. Mobile Botanical Gardens

A trip to the gardens is always a special one because there are only so many places in Mobile that offer such gorgeous flowers and beautiful landscape. I have always found a walk through the grounds to be incredibly relaxing and I can never get enough of the wonderful sights it brings.