6 times Mayor Stimpson inspired us during the State of the City

The State of the City of Mobile has never been stronger. Here are some of the highlights of Mayor Stimpson’s 2016 State of the City speech.

Final touches on my State of the City speech.

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In such exciting times, it seems as if anything is possible. If you doubt that for a second, just remember that we even had ice skating in downtown Mobile for more than 6 weeks.

All across the city, you will find stories like this – stories where city employees and concerned citizens are taking the initiative to do what needs to be done to transform Mobile.

I say it all the time: There’s no great city that doesn’t have a great downtown. But we’re very fortunate to be seeing signs of renewed confidence in every corner of our city.

Ms. Mason & Ms. Davis met Mayor Stimpson at the State of the City & County Luncheon yesterday! #beliefinu @mayorstimpson

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The interest level in Mobile from prospective employers and investors has never been higher. We have some truly incredible prospects on the horizon.

We must pick up the tempo.  Every day that we’re not engaging in fulfilling the vision, is a lost day.  We can’t afford to waste a moment.

Our location, natural resources, and people make us unique. We have been called to fulfill a higher destiny. This is our once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grow and thrive as a united city. ONE MOBILE is OUR VISION. We can be a united city – a model for the world.

Read Mayor Stimpson’s entire 2016 State of the City speech here.